Kayaking or trekking tours

...an adventure in the wilderness!

We hire out kayaks for tours on your own and can advise you at route planning.


We offer equipment for all activities within the outdoor sector. Whether you are interested in climbing, trekking, expeditions, trips, canoeing / kayaking or camping, we have the right equipment for every globetrotter.

We also offer equipment for police, security personnel, army or adventure activities like


Here you can look through our product range, order and pick up goods.

  Although we have only a very small part of our range in stock, we can offer you a wide range of brands and topics.

  We can also advise you with the selection of suitable products.

We rent kayaks  for trips on your own and advise you when planning your route.

We offer guided tours in the areas of paddling, climbing / abseiling and trekking.

Whether for individuals, families or groups ... we will offer you a customized program!

But beware ... we are not a discounter !!! Careful preparation / planning, good equipment and comprehensive personal

support cost a little more!


... kayaking, abseiling and climbing

Our company is located in Värmland,

  one of the areas of Sweden, with the highest density of forests, lakes, moose and wolves

and in close proximity to Lake Vänern,

Glaskogen nature reserve, Dalsland - Nordmarkens

lake system and Dalsland Canal.

We have years of experience in the areas of teamwork, survival, first aid, climbing and abseiling and have a relevant educational background.


Our day trip offer :

Abseiling in the  Glaskogen nature reserve

Introduction and training with the abseiling equipment

Highlight is the abseiling from a 25 meter high ledge

Price: 4490 ,- kr (max. 5 persons)

Inclusive equipment and cost for the Glaskogen-card

Guided kayak tour

A guided kayak tour with introduction in the following sectors:

map, compass, GPS

inclusive equipment and cost for the Nature-card

Price: 4490 ,- kr (max. 5 persons)